Proteus Environmental Technologies is a powerful new approach to environmental solutions. It works with existing companies to find and commercialize transformative environmental technologies, building successful new ventures that drive substantial returns to its investors, partners and society.


Global Environmental Problems Abound

As the population of planet Earth approaches seven billion people, the demand for novel environmental solutions that balance human needs and sustainable practices has increased substantially and, in many areas, is becoming the most prominent concern in society.

  • Access to energy and water will continue to be the two key drivers of economic and political tension
  • More than two billion people worldwide lack clean water and basic sanitation with water-borne illnesses representing the number one killer of children worldwide
  • Fish stocks, which now account for 20% of the animal protein consumed by the world’s population, are being rapidly depleted
  • Climate change is a reality and will have significant social, economic and political consequences worldwide
  • Air pollution is getting worse and effecting the current and future health of hundreds of millions of people
  • The destruction and degradation of ecosystems is resulting in the fastest mass extinction of living things in the history of the planet


Proteus, A Bridge to Large-Scale Commercial Opportunities and Environmental Solutions

Proteus has developed a unique business model for the commercialization of the most transformative sustainability technologies. This model couples more traditional sustainability analysis of existing companies with the emerging technologies that make those sustainability improvements profitable and real. It has launched a number of new ventures out of this model, including, PhycoSystems LLC, an algae-bioenergy-food strategy with a rapid path to financial success. This includes experience with:

  • Investors
  • Project Development
  • Sustainability Consulting Marketing and Government Relations
  • Cutting edge research


Proteus team members have significant experience with working with investors, including with private equity partners such as Pegasus Capital Advisors and connections with key venture capital funds. Our unique knowledge of how to develop credible investment opportunities, combined with innovative technology approaches puts us in a unique position to work with companies to develop investment opportunities and approaches to potential funders.


Proteus team members also have experience with developing financing large-scale projects including solar energy deployments. We have successfully helped project navigate financing obstacles both in the U.S. and internationally.


We have also helped companies develop robust sustainability programs that incorporated marketing and outreach programs and our key members have unique access to government policy makers at the national, state and local levels. Helping companies and institutions improve sustainability means more than doing good for the environment. It is creating economically attractive opportunities to improve profits, reduce costs and simultaneously reduce environmental impact and improve social responsibility. We can then take these efforts and show how to use them as part of an institutions’ overall marketing program, and advance issues with government leaders.


Proteus has an exceptional familiarity with the current state of environmental research in universities and a team that includes experts in both science and business. Proteus is uniquely able to identify some of the “best” recent discoveries within universities and take them the distance through the entire commercialization process. Proteus has an insider network of key relationships at select universities, critical first-hand understanding of the university research process and culture, deep environmental technology and marketplace expertise, rare end-to-end new venture incubation and technology commercialization know-how, and investment fund creation and management experience directly tied to the category at hand.


Universities, A Missing Link

Over the past 40 years, there has been an explosion in environmental research in the United States. There are now over 1,000 environmental programs in U.S. universities, plus many more worldwide, and they cover the full range of environmental topics. The research investments in environmental science are also growing – the United States National Science Foundation alone now spends over $1 billion per year on research in key environmental areas.


A very large gap exists between the focus of government research funding and the commercial success of these discoveries, preventing many innovations from completing the transition into successful products. The net effect is that a large number of transformative discoveries remain buried within university communities with no easy path to commercial development.



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